we have seen happier days

it is what it be

I struggle to find self worth. I struggle to learn how to love myself. Will life carry like this forever?

a familiar stranger

Who you are to me feels distant tonight. I do not recognise your words, your voice, or your smell. Who are you tonight? I wonder where this side of you has been hiding. I wonder what parts of you I am yet to meet. For the first time since the moment I met you, youContinue reading “a familiar stranger”

birthday celebrations.

lonliness is born in the seconds filled of unattainable expectation. how is it that our supposed best moments are composed of ingredients radiating with the most fragility? the expectation of our own significance leads us to everlasting disappointment. I personally lack the significance that most breathing entities posses. and as much as i hate toContinue reading “birthday celebrations.”

you will heal.

There’s this sickening feeling I get when looking into the past. When remembering specific people and memories that they accompany. The way they made me feel. They way made me see myself. No matter how much time goes by, or how hard you try to travel from these moments, they creep on you. I tryContinue reading “you will heal.”


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